Roberta Varney's Cool Threads Shop  - Custom hand-sewn gifts and embroidery.  What can I make for you!
And then there were two! 
Since children's products are strictly regulated, I decided to open a second ETSY shop to separate my children's products from everything else.  ALL products in both shops are made by me personally.  If you see an item on my website that isn't offered in my shop, please ask.  Best way to reach me is through a convo in ETSY.

Cool Threads Shop
My original shop
(or click on any ETSY banner on my website)

My Cool Threads Shop offers a variety of products that is basically everything not geared or tested specifically for children.  

While I make all products with safety in mind, items featured in my Cool Threads Shop does not have the extensive testing/tracking that is required of children's items.

Hollyhock Frocks
My favorite little shop designed
for your favorite littles.

Hollyhock Frocks is a small shop that offers small  toys and miscellaneous accessories.   Offerings are limited as they take a bit more time to test and create. 

Eventually, I plan to add clothing to the shop.

Everything offered in this shop follows strict federal guidelines which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Lead testing
  • Proper labeling
  • Tracking components
  • Strength testing (Toys)
  • Flammability testing

Testing is done by suppliers or by myself, and I track all documentation of testing, as required.   Also, some testing is age or fabric-related, and not required on everything. 

This is a "Readers Digest" version, to give you a basic overview.  It is not a thorough list, but hopefully you get an understanding of what is involved.   

Don't hesitate to ask questions or join the Compliance group on Facebook for further details.