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Gosh, I just have so much to share with you about my tutus.  Be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the page; there is a wealth of info here.   The ordering shown directly below is like the "Reader's Digest" that highlights the important stuff.  But I also posted details, details, and more details-things I would be interested in knowing as a consumer.  I hope you find them too, too cute and order a few.   For details on "People tutus", be sure to click on that tab.

Teddy Bear Tutus
Un-BEAR-ably cute! Teddy tutus are made using netting or tulle and an adjustable, stretchy crocheted band (approx 10" - 18"). Up to three colors are layered to add "pouf". Color choices are shown below. Tutus are also reversible; simply flip them over. Keep this in mind when ordering colors...pick them in order (top layer, middle layer, bottom layer) My precious 16" high bear is not included but will give you an idea of size and generous 6"length. Length can be trimmed using regular scissors Price is for one Teddy Bear tutu only; cute bear is not included. Expect about a 3 day wait prior to shipping; these are custom made for you and I personally make them. NOTE: These are also ideal for infant photo ops, but are NOT designed to be worn as infantware. Exercise extreme caution/supervision when giving to a young child for a bear's tutu due to possible choking hazard.
Price: $8.00
Color selection-list up to three colors:
COLOR SELECION:  Here are some tips as well as my current selection of color choices.  Not pictured are white and ivory as they are just too light to show up...but pics of the sample tutu include white.  Also not shown are shades of blue...coming soon.  The pics I took didn't show those colors very well at all.

Tips:  Colors are a close representation: monitors vary.   I will gladly send a sample if you need to see an exact color.

Colors on a finished tutu will appear lighter-more like a "blush" of color -compared to the folded fabric I used for my photos.  Scroll down to see the display tutu - it shows the tutu coupled with the fabric I selected to make it. 

List your color choices in order.  The first color will be the top layer, the second color will be the middle layer, and the third color choice will be on the bottom.  Remember the first and third color choices will be the most visible, since the tutu can be flipped over (reversible).

If your color choices ''clash', I will let you know.  Sometimes the shade variation makes a BIG difference.  I want your teddy bear to look stunning!  I will select a complimentary crocheted band for your tutu. 

                     Light Pink, Dark Pink, Red                                                       Lavendar, Dark Purple

           VERY light Yellow, Green, Yellow                                                 Orange,  Black

FUN PICS:  I took these pics to add dimension for you.  Keep in mind that matching child-sized tutus and adult tutus will also be available soon.  If you need them before I post them for sale, contact me and I will gladly make a tutu in any size.   I included a couple here to give you some ideas.

Details of crocheted bands.  My preferrance is the narrower band-they add a great hint of color.

DISPLAY TUTU:  Colors used (in order) Dark Pink, Light Pink, White

                                                       Same tutu-Reverse side


      SUGAR PLUM FAIRY TUTU                               RED, WHITE,  & SPARKLY BLUE TUTU
              ( Showing ribbons)                                                    ( Showing blue specialty fabric)