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Bow Wow Ties: Meet Rascal, our favorite, in-house model. He is wearing a brand new, customized BOW WOW TIE that I designed. Isn't he just adorable! Okay, the tie is adorable too!

The Bow Wow Tie uses the same concept as the Premium Coolers, but is styled just a little differently. I KNOW you will love the unique look!

For ordering:

BOW WOW TIES-Style 1 includes cooling crystals

BOW WOW TIES-Style 2 DOES NOT include cooling crystals

Both styles look great and are made out of the same quality 100% cotton. The only difference is the cooling crystals.

Description: Bow Wow Ties are 100% cotton and completely hand-washable. The Bow Wow Tie does not have any metal hardware and is designed to tie around the dog's neck. (Rascal's fur covers the part that is around his neck, but it is there.) The "bow tie" part of the Bow Wow Tie is serged with colorful thread.

Cooling crystals (polymer) can be included in the Bow Wow Tie. If you order larger sized ties, the crystals will be stitched within 3 to 4 compartments. (Refer to the FAQs tab for details.) The smaller ties ordered with crystals do not have the compartments since the tie is much shorter.

I've created the Bow Wow Ties so you can have fun with the process! YOU get to choose the fabric and the color of thread to be used. You can even get your own Premium Cooler Tie to match the fabric of your dog's Bow Wow Tie! The choices are endless and I am constantly adding new fabrics.

SAFETY NOTES: Bow Wow Ties are not designed to be used as a collar or to secure your pet; they are for use as a "pretty." Also, the crystals in the ties are non-toxic. However, due to the way the crystals enlarge when they get wet, please do not allow pets (or people) chew on the Bow Wow Tie. Be sure to store the ties in a secure, dry location so that pets and young children do not have access to them for this reason.

NOTE: Colors of fabrics and threads will vary on different monitors. Samples are available on request. Use the Contact ME form. Include your contact information (including your address), what samples you are interested in, and I will get in touch with you concerning your request.

Fabric Choices: Fabric choices shown in sections labeled Bow Wow Ties (2) are standard stock fabrics. I try to keep them on hand at all times. Shipping dates are usually within 1 week from date of your order, plus delivery time by the postal service. If I expect a delay in shipping times, I will notify you.

Fabrics shown on the Premium Coolers tab are also available by request, but with limitations. Since these fabrics are a non-stock item, I can not control 100% availability What does that mean--First, I have to purchase the fabric; I keep very little (if any) of this fabric in stock. If the fabric shop no longer carries it, we are out of luck. Second, expect a delay with shipping. I don't go to the fabric store daily, although it is very tempting!! Shipping times could be delayed -- expect orders using those fabrics to take 2 - 3 weeks for me to mail them, plus delivery time. I will do my best to accomodate requests for non-stock fabrics, and will notify you if fabric is no longer available.

Thread Choices: I currently have Burgandy, Royal Blue, Crimson Red, Sand (med. tan), Natural (light tan), Black, and White. I try to select fabrics that will co-ordinate with the threads that I stock and I've combined what I consider the more flattering thread color combinations with each fabric choice. Serger color selections are limited. However, as I locate other colors, I will stock them as well and add them on my website.

Width of Tie: The main factor to determining the width of a tie is the size of your dog. When you measure, use a strip of fabric, an old necktie, dog collar, or a sturdy piece of paper. (string won't be accurate) Select a measuring method that is about the same width as what you want to order.

Length of Tie: Measure your dog's neck at the base-this is where the Bow Wow Tie is designed to be worn. Measure and give the inches shown-I will add extra inches to accomodate the knot and the ends of the tie. The Bow Wow Tie is designed to be slightly loose-fitting, similar to a bandana. Avoid a tight or snug fit. If you use a collar, be sure to give me the inches measured, not the manufacturer's size for the collar. If your dog has long fur, you want to measure UNDER the dog's fur, since that is the way the tie is designed to be worn, for the tie to look right (see Rascal's pic). If you have questions on measuring, don't hesitate to call me or use the Contact Me form.

A little bragging time:

For those that are interested, Rascal is a 6 year old Schipperke (say "skip-er-key"), a Belgium boat dog that makes a WONDERFUL pet! He simply loves everybody (including small children and other animals, including cats), is very gentle; but thinks he is 10' tall. You rarely see Schipperkes, which surprises me because they are typically healthy, friendly, and super happy! And their beautiful, shiny black fur is "wash and wear." We got Rascal from a very dysfunctional family when he was 1 year old. He was extremely dirty and timid at first, but quickly adapted to his new home and is certainly no longer timid. We re-named him Rascal after he exuberantly played with my husband one night, and Rod made the comment, "Wow! You are such a rascal." It is the perfect name for him too, as he is very active and has a very playful attitude! He weighs about 22 pounds-which is average for his breed. Small, knee-high, very muscular, and is protective of us without going overboard. His only "negative" trait is that he can be very stubborn...but then aren't we all at times! If we are visiting neighbors during a walk, he will often just sit down when it is time to come home...he just isn't ready to go yet. Short of dragging him home, if he isn't ready, he isn't going to budge.

SUCH A CUTE HAM! Bow Wow Tie is shown in Red Bandana print with Crimson Red thread for hemming. The tie is 2" wide, and the "bow wow" ends are 4" wide. For ordering, keep in mind that a narrow tie (1") will create a much smaller flaired end.

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