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Always in style! Now Available on ETSY!

I have always loved pearls. When my daughter recently got married, I offered to make pearl bracelets for her attendants. Well, that started something! Although I'd rather be known for my sewing prowess, I totally enjoyed creating beautiful jewelry for Karen. Since it was so much fun, I decided to include them in my shop.

Below, please enjoy a slideshow of bracelets I offer for sale. The "Pearls of Motherhood" bracelet is custom made-based on the crystal colors you select. All bracelets are made to order for size purposes, and I can make a bracelet longer/shorter as needed.

I use Swarovski crystals for their 'sparkle' and cut. They are truly beautiful. The pearls are by Swarovski too. Although not as well known, the pearls are made using the same high quality standards, and have a beautiful sheen to them. In my opinion, Swarovski creates the most beautiful crystals and pearls that are man-made.

For more information and purchasing info, please check out my ETSY website: Thank you

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