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All of my products come with Care directions. I typically use cotton or a cotton blend for it's ease of care. However, I felt the cooling ties (due to their cooling crystals) needed further explanation. Directions are easy, but I wanted to include some safety tips as well.

If you need Care directions for other products, in advance, please contact me.


To hydrate:

Only soak in clean, freshwater (do not wear into the ocean, mudbath...etc)

Check periodically to judge thickness of gel-do not allow to over hydrate.

Gel should be about 1/2" thick, fabric should be flexible.

If tie appears puffy, or like an overstuffed sausage, it is overhydrated.

Initially, the tie will be wet from soaking in the water. You can roll it in a paper towel or a hand towel to eliminate the "drippy wet" before using it.

To launder:

Gently hand wash in warm water. Do not wring or squeeze.

You can pat excess water out using a hand towel or paper towel.

Lay flat to dry. Do NOT put into dryer.

Do not iron compartments that contain gel or crystals. With care, you can iron the ties on either end. Products that have no crystals/gel can be ironed in their entirety.

Do not bleach.

Do not freeze.

Store DRY product in zip lock baggy; you should be able to feel the dry crystals again. This can take up to 2 weeks, and coolers can be used more than for one day at a time. Storing a wet product in a baggy for too long can cause it to mildew. Treat it as you would a wet bath towel. 


Avoid wringing or twisting the product. Otherwise the gel can "weep" through the fabric. It is non-toxic, but you don't want to lose the effectiveness.

Avoid over-hydrating for the same reason. You will quickly get a feel for what it should look like. Once hydrated, you should be able to wrap a gel-filled section easily around your finger. If it looks like a stuffed sausage ,or puffy, it is over hydrated. Let it dry out until it is more pliable.

When you soak your Cool Threads for use, the cotton fabric will be "dripping wet." You can pat the excess water out so it is not "dripping wet." I lay mine out flat at the edge of a paper towel and roll it into a long skinny tube and gently press on the towel, esp. the ends. Once the excess water is removed using this method, the neck cooler will not drip water; the gel doesn't leak out.

Although you shouldn't "manhandle" the product, it isn't fragile either. Although there are compartments to hold the crystals/gel in a uniform pattern, sometimes you might still need to move the gel around more evenly. It doesn't hurt the gel to push it around to where it is needed. You won't "hurt the gel." It's actually sort of fun to play with; it feels a lot like finger Jello!

Gel takes a surprisingly long time to dry out. The time varies depending on humidity, air flow, temperature, etc. It might take a week; it might take two weeks. You can reuse them without drying out each time; although you might want to rinse it off between uses. I dry mine laying flat on a dish rack so the air can circulate around the entire product.

If you are outside frequently, you should invest in several so they can be laundered as needed, and you will always have a clean one to use. Also, you can put a spare into a cooler to swap out with one you are wearing. Once hydrated, I would recommend keeping a baggy around the one(s) in the cooler. That will prevent it from absorbing more water; thus, avoiding overhydrating. Just remember to remove all hydrated ties from baggies on a daily basis so they don't mildew.

Gel products can also be microwaved and used as a small heating pad. The heat will last for quite awhile. Hydrate first, then microwave. Place cooler in a donut shape in the microwave, on a microwavable plate. Heat in 20 second increments using a low setting, and continue until desired temperature is reached. Use caution when microwaving and check for hot spots before using.

Refer to Safety/MSDS tab for information from the manufacturer of the crystals.


Lighter fabrics do not absorb the "sun's heat" like darker fabrics; that is why I don't offer many dark fabrics. 


First, I want to point out that I take immense pride in my products. I offer products that I would be proud to use (and I do!). All seams are first sewn, then the main seam is serged using a 3 thread serger. Translation: I stitch a durable seam that is highly unlikely to come apart.

If you look at work pants, you will see a similar finish. The regular stitching provides a small stitch to prevent the crystals from working out of the seam. The serged edge prevents fraying of the fabric along the same seam. While you do not see this detailed stitching, it is there (on the inside) and it creates a stronger, more flexible seam when compared to a seam that uses just one method.

The only visible seam is the last one I sew-and it is located at the end of one of the tie ends. It is triple stitched and the crystal compartments are back tacked and topstitched three times each....preventing them from coming 'undone'.

I also want to share that I always chose quality, 100% cotton fabric and threads from a reputable fabric shop for all steps that I do in creating cooling ties. If either is inferior, then, the finished product is inferior. I do not 'guess' or take financial shortcuts with discounted materials or yard sale bargains. I want you to be absolutely thrilled with what I offer, and come back as a repeat customer!

All products are created in my home which is smoke-free.

I pre-wash all fabric before construction. This step minimizes shrinkage. I use non-perfumed, dye-free laundry soap. A thorough description of how the ties are made is under the "Sewing 101" tab. 

I am a small business. However, I will do my best to honor all reasonable requests. For bulk orders (over 25 pieces), please contact me for details.

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