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Please refer to the Etsy link for ordering

Use and Care Directions are under tab, "Care and Misc. Tips".

My most popular item, premium coolers, are an average size of 41" long by 1 1/2" - 2" wide. (Some are a little longer.) The length is determined by the width of the fabric on the bolt, when it is purchased. The four cooling compartments are 4" long, for a total length of 16" long.

Since each neck cooler is handmade, the sizing is slightly variable. Although I always use 100% cotton, the different cuts of cloth cannot be treated "equally" since they all have their own traits. Dyes, how tightly a fabric is woven, shrinkage are some items that affect fabric. Even when fabric is manufactured, there can be variables within two runs of the same design. Therefore, it is difficult to make 'cookie cutter' products that are all exactly the same length and width. I hand select each fabric and cut it to provide the best length and width possible.

Photographs are of actual products and are a small sampling of the fabrics I offer. Please remember that computer monitors vary, so the color may appear differently on your screen. I.

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