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This section gives descriptions and pictures of products I will make upon request; thus taking more time to process the order. Items with an asterisk * behind their name have a separate tab for ordering and further details. I felt some items needed further explanation!

Roll mouse over photos to enlarge them.

For custom orders, please contact me first, using the "Custom Order Form" tab. Once I have an understanding of your order, I will determine the cost, etc. I will notify you of pricing and expected processing time; and if you are agreeable, I will request a 30% deposit. Once the deposit is received, I will create your custom order. When it is finished, I will forward a picture or two to you for your final approval. Once I receive your approval, I will provide information about final payment. NOTE: The ordering exception is Teddy Bear Tutus. I've created a special order page for them to expedite your order....since no sewing is involved.

If you are ordering two or more of ANY product, please contact me so I can adjust your shipping expense. I want to be as fair as possible to you and will not overcharge you for shipping.

If you have any questions about my products, please go to the "Contact me" tab and send me a note. 

I also wanted to point out that I will gladly guide you through the maze of fabric and thread choices. I am very knowledgeable about fabrics and their care. Sometimes a design limits what fabrics can be used in a practical way. I pride myself on personal service; so let me know if I can help with this!

Quick Reference List-In 

order of appearance

Wedding assortment

Large 5" Badges

Mini aprons for wine bottles

Tutus for Teddy Bears and people

Personalized Banners

Dog Tags

3-D Floral pillows

Embroidered Towels

Cutie Patootie Originals denim purses

Embroidered/Monogrammed garments


Basket liners

Chair sashes

The stunning couple shown here is my daughter and her hubby who just got married! Baby boy is their adorable godchild. Daughter, Karen, asked me to create a few basket liners and chair sashes for their big could I not! Those projects quickly evolved into new products for you! They are very custom, and all are available on my ETSY site.

I will add photos as soon as this website will allow me....I am having technical difficulties right now, but they are pictured and described on the ETSY site.


What a BEAUTIFUL way to make anyone feel special OR to cheer on your favorite team! 

Like everything I make, I used top quality materials so this badge will last and last. It is all fabric, including the ribbons, and a pin clasp is glued onto the backside. 

One overlooked value of an all fabric pin is that if it gets slightly wet, it will still look great and will not discolor any clothing that it is pinned to-unlike many that are created using cardstock and crepe paper.

I just started making these, and only have the "Big Sister" one listed on my ETSY site. However, if you have a request for a specific badge, please let me know, and I will gladly create one for you.

Perfect for Bridal attendants (esp. flower girls and ring bearers!), team pride, Patriotic celebrations, family reunions, birthdays, etc. They also make a great gift "topper". Simply wrap your gift as usual and tie the ribbon on without a bow. Then, simply use the pin clasp to fasten it onto the ribbon. Pretty package AND a beautiful pin to wear for the occasion! Double sided-tape would also work!

I will be offering several variations on this badge. Two variations would be special sports-themed ribbons, and bonus embroidery. The bonus embroidery could include items like balloons. a sports mascot (if available), and quite a variety of other designs to pick from! These variations will be priced accordingly at a slightly higher rate.

Another choice is the ever popular I 'heart' whatever.....fill in your favorite LOVE! You can also include specific dates as part of the text. The only limitation is the message needs to be compact due to the size of the badge. No additional charges for these variations.

Be sure to check back for more photos and more ideas. This is just a small sampling of what keeps my mind swirling!


Have fun with wine bottle aprons! I hand sew the aprons, then embroider them with names, dates, etc. Perfect for gift giving-special designs available for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or "just because."

Easy to use-simply slip the neck strap around the top of the bottle; and tie two ribbons (hidden in this pic) behind the bottle; and you are done.

Contact me either through this site or Etsy with the details you'd like on your apron, and I will create it for you.

Teddy Bear Tutus

Tutus made just for teddy bears.... Question: Are they too, too cute or tu tu cute? These are also ideal for infants getting a portrait taken! (Not designed as infantwear; please provide proper supervision if worn by a child.)

I make all sizes from infant to adult. Also, Teddy Bear tu tus are available in a rainbow of colors. I can even make matching tu tus for dolls and/or bears, and their humans! Some are even reversible-like getting two for the price of one!

Click on the "Teddy Bear Tutu" tab (what a tongue twister!) on the right for full description and pricing. 

SPECIAL THANK YOU: My husband knows I have a love of teddy bears. While dating, the bear pictured here was given to me by my husband, Rod. I was so enthralled with the teddy bear itself (the fur is unusually soft) that after patiently waiting awhile, he had to encourage me to open the little felt box the bear is holding. Inside was my engagement ring, much to my surprise! He is such a keeper! And to Rod, "I am the lucky one!"

Personalized Banners

Using an applique technique and embroidery combined, the possibilities are endless! Decorations for the holidays, a baby shower, child's room, theme birthday parties, weddings, congratulations, etc. just got EASY!

PERFECT GIFT for someone with a

unique name!! I can add any letter as problem!

Possibilities are endless as applique design, fabric colors, font choices (lettering), and thread colors are numerous! Currently, in addition to the square design shown here, I also have designs that are in the shape of hearts and party balloons.

Embroidered Dog Tags

Over the past several years, my husband (an incredible artist) and I have attended many pet events held in the Tampa area. Often, rescue organizations are represented, showcasing animals that need good homes. Unfortunately, I noticed that when they are being walked for exercise, they 'blend in' with other animals that are pets. So, an idea was born. I found I had fun making the "tags", or Doggie IDs....and realized that all pets can have Dog Tags too! Anything from their name, your favorite team, contact info...even a marriage proposal! These are designed to easily slip over a leash. Durable duck cloth is available in a rainbow of colors; thread options are also plentiful!...and like all my products, these fun tags are sewn together to last!

Now every dog can carry a

message and be "tagged"!

Shown on Rascal's leash. His Dog ID says "I'm a Rascal!" and on the back side, his breed is noted.

Perfect for fun or (unofficial) ID purposes!

If you are interested, more info on Rascal

is at bottom of this page.

3-D Designer Pillow

The 3-D pillow sample pictured here has high quality, felt pedals sewn onto duck cloth. I cut each of the petals by hand, then stitch them onto duck cloth, which is a very durable fabric. Many fabric choices are available-such as wools for the flower, etc, and many utility fabrics for the main part of the pillow.

The back of the pillow has the same fabric as the front. Also, the back has an envelope-style opening, which allows you to remove the inside pillow form (not included) for laundering the form. Spot cleaning or dry cleaning is recommended for the exterior of the pillow.

Size of pillow is approx. 14" x 14". Prices are based on fabrics selected. This one sells for $15, plus shipping; tax if applicable (Florida residents).

A standard-sized pillow form (the inside cushion part) of the same size will easily fit. I do not provide the pillow form due to mailing costs. Also, it reduces your cost if you want to fill it yourself. Pillow forms are available at most craft stores and are often on sale. Or repurpose an existing pillow! Please check the cost of the forms before ordering. They can be expensive if they are not on sale! Many craft stores also offer coupons for further savings!

Duck cloth is available in solid colors as well as a variety of patterns such as this. High quality felt is available in a large assortment of solid colors.

The perfect gift for MANY occasions!

As an example, I have included a photo of towels given to my wonderful mother-in-law for her birthday. As you can see this towel set turned out beautifully! The generous 4" design is extremely detailed (pic doesn't do it justice) with almost 13,000 stitches on EACH towel! Great gift idea for a housewarming, graduation, wedding/anniversary, etc.


Contact me with your ideas. Include color preferences, any initials/names to be included, size/quantity of towels, theme (floral, birds, dolphins...) or event (wedding, anniversary, holiday, etc). Tell me what you want the towels to look like-formal, comical, classic. I will offer some suggestions and stitch out a sample or two once I find a design that I think you will prefer.

Cutie Patootie Originals


Most of my Cutie Patootie Originals are custom made. However, in my "spare time", I somehow managed to make a few that are ready to go! Currently, there are two Cuties listed on, under my shop name of Cool Threads Shop. Please go and check them out! They make perfect gifts for young ladies....and ladies that are young-at-heart!

I would say these are cool...but they are HOT, HOT, HOT!

Unique, custom-made purses that are just too cute for words! Each purse is individually designed based on information YOU provide to me-such as the color and theme. The only Cuties that are alike are my Convertible Cuties (click Cutie Patootie tab for details).

NOTE: I have a couple of Cuties listed on Etsy that are ready to buy immediately. But if you want a specific Cutie, just use the "Custom Order Form" tab and send me some basic ideas-such as preferred colors/themes, or find me on where a couple purses are available for immediate sale.

With the exception of items that include specific monogramming or personalization, there is never any obligation to purchase a custom product from me. In the event that you do not care for a purse once it is created, no problem. Again, I would work with you to see where our thoughts were not 'on the same page' and if you'd like, I will make another purse-again without any obligation.

Lead time: If I need to create a Cutie, please allow a 3 week time frame. If listed on Etsy as ready-made, they will be mailed within 3 business days. Remember to allow for postal delivery times also.

EMBROIDERED custom Cuties are now available too. Pics will be posted soon. I have made several, but will wait until the orders have been received by their owners. I strongly feel they should be seeing their Cuties first!

Be sure to view the Cutie Patootie tab for more details and lots of pictures. As always, drop me a note if you have further questions and/or would like ordering information!


Simply A-DOR-A-BLE!

Have the COOLEST looking dog in town!

Overwhelmingly popular! Meet Rascal, our pet Schipperke....and yes, the name fits! Wanting something unique, I designed this "bandana" to look like a bow tie; hence the name. These ties are made one-by-one, customized by YOUR fabric choice, thread choice, and your pet's neck size. Be sure to view the "Bow Wow Ties" tab for more details.

Rascal-our pet Schipperke (pronounced "skip-er-key") is a purebred dog with a Belgium heritage. Typically they are about the size of a Pomeranian, and sometimes folks that see him mistake him for a pom mix. Surprisingly, they are always solid black. Usually Schipperkes are very friendly, playful, and healthy, making wonderful pets for all ages.

Rascal is nine years old, and we've had him for 8 years. He LOVES everyone, and enjoys cats and other dogs. Often he will bark out of friendship, INSISTING that HE be the center of attention! ...just a tad spoiled!

...a cute model, isn't he?

Embroidered and Monogrammed Garments

Have fun with your clothes! Great for professional use as well as personal use. Take a simple shirt, for example, and add some flair! Use color-coordinated embroidery as an accessory to your clothes.

I have many, many choices available. Creative fonts, frames (surrounds monogram-like the diamond monogram sample), and designs can be combined for something that is truly unique. I love putting ideas together and sharing the designs that allow me to do such beautiful work.

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