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Cutie Patootie Originals

A "Purse-onal" Division of

Varney's Cool Threads Shop

Be sure to scroll down for slide show!!

NOW AVAILABLE-EMBROIDERED CUTIES: If you loved my Cuties before, they are now even cuter (is that possible!) and more personal than before!! I can now embroider your name, initials, or a design in a theme that you love! Dolphins, cars, flowers, sports, I "heart" whatever, etc. I have a huge variety of designs to select from, as well as many interesting fonts!

Misc. Note: I highly recommend avoiding children's names on purses, except on the inside. It is a "stranger danger" thing. I will gladly put initials on the outside or your child's name on the interior pocket. 

Most of my Cuties are custom made and many shown in the slide show (below) have already been sold. However, I included their photos as samples of what I can do. ALL Cuties are unique, except a few Convertible Cuties. Sometimes, as my schedule allows, I will make a Cutie Patootie Original just for fun, and to have in my inventory; but most are custom made using fabric colors and theme ideas that customers select.

I select gently used children's jeans or skirts for my Cuties. I am very picky about which jeans end up as Cuties...the fabric must be strong, and since elastic eventually fails, I do not use any jeans with elastic waistbands. Finally, a pair of jeans that are ornately decorated may catch my attention. OVERALL, the jeans/skirts that I use must be in excellent condition-with a minimum of wear and tear. I want them to last and last.

Most of the jeans I upcycle are from a local thrift shop that supports mission work-a win/win situation. They are fully lined with new fabric-usually cotton or cotton blend-and often have an interior pocket. I do my best to keep the exterior pockets fully functional. If exterior pockets do not function, for whatever reason, there will be a notation in its description...however, that is extremely rare.

What makes my Cuties so unique in the world of denim purses is that each one has a fully functional zipper; so your lip gloss or money won't fall out while shopping or cruising around in your car! Just zip it shut and all your goodies will stay put!

Be sure to look for the CUTIE PATOOTIE bottle cap charm too! That is my 'signature' zipper pull on all my Cutie purses, and assures you that the purse is from my shop. The bottle cap charms are popular for 'tweens-they put the charms on ribbons and wear them as necklaces.


Click on arrow to start a slide show. Click your Esc Key to close out of slide show. Roll your curser over photo to read my personal comments.

(For some reason, I can't get the Daisy Purse photos to co-operate. They are horizontally challenged, and at this time I am not able to correct the problem.)


The "original" Original

Butterfly Cutie Patootie

Cuties are unique, handmade purses that I create, based on your ideas including your favorite color. I typically upcycle toddler jeans & skirts that I find at a local Thrift shop-so it is a win/win/win situation. You get an adorable, unique purse, the Thrift shop benefits by my purchase, and I am using a recycled product to create a new and practical "green" product.

The above Cutie was made from a pair of Toddler jeans; the one directly to the right was created from a larger denim skirt and is very spacious inside.

Flouncy Ruffle Cutie

(It's hard to see on here, but

there are 2 ruffles on the purse.) 


My cute version of the "fanny pack"

Recently, I had a request for a fanny pack-style; so the Patootie Pack was born! Patootie Packs are made similar to my regular Cuties, but include an adjustable belt instead of a shoulder strap. Great for hands-free shopping and theme parks. The hardware used consists of a buckle and a slide.


One Purse...or is it!

Convertible Cutie purses are constructed the same as Cutie Originals and are designed so that extra sashes (or 'belts') can be easily interchanged. Each Convertible Cutie comes with a color co-ordinated sash of your choice, and extra sashes are sold separately.

Simply change out the sash, get a fresh, new look! If you love to accessorize your outfit with a matching purse without the aggrevation of moving all of your purse's contents, a Convertible Cutie is for you!

Please Note: While Convertible purses are created one at a time, I do not consider them unique. I will make several with the identical lining and strap-something neutral. Then, you customize them by selecting different sashes.

Perfect for various holidays, matching your daily outfit, theme, sports, pets, etc. It is like having numerous denim purses that are all simply too CUTE! Shown here is one Convertible Cutie with two separate sashes-one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas.


The sashes really makes the purse look

totally different, don't they!

Note: I have a large variety of sashes to choose from, just refer to my "Cooling Ties" tab; I use the same fabric for both projects. If you don't see something you like, let me know...I'll do my best to find the right fabric for your sash.

Miscellaneous Details

Some Cuties are fancier than others, but they are all eye-catching, fun, and practical. Many women stop me while I am shopping to ask about my purses. I carry a Cutie purse most of the time and regardless of which one I carry, I ALWAYS get comments. Whenever I set up at a local event, the teenagers and 'tweens are the ones that drag their parents over to my table. They make a perfect gift for any woman that is young or young-at-heart.

Cuties currently come in two sizes-Small and Medium. Since I hand sew zippers into the purses, I do not offer a larger Cutie. Zippers are custom sized and fitted into each Cutie, and the longer the zipper, the more difficult it is for, I think the smaller bags add to the "cuteness".

In the slideshow above, I tried to show some of each size. The 'true, original cutie' is very small-not much bigger than a Reader's Digest magazine. My personal small Cutie is the Flower Power purse that has interchangable pins. Perfect for quick trips to the store, or if you don't carry too much stuff. Medium-sized purses can be wider or longer (deeper)-depending on the jeans or skirt that I use for the purse. When I need to carry my eyeglasses, cell phone, tissues, wallet, keys, etc. I love using my Pretty Posies Cutie, shown in the slides. Medium purses, like the Hobo and Let's Polka purse, have a much roomier interior.

I select Toddler jeans or skirts to create the purses. Many toddler jeans have beautifully embellished pockets and/or embroidery on the legs. Fabric is my passion and I love pairing fabric that 'works' with the jeans. I use only brand new Cotton or cotton blend fabric for the lining, sash (optional), and strap (unless a denim strap is requested). Zippers are brand new and the color is USUALLY selected to contrast with the fabric; the exception being my Convertible Cuties, where the sash adds the contrast. Embellishments can be new or vintage, or a blend of both.

I strive to make each Cutie as practical as it is cute. I avoid buttons and fringe...they might look good for awhile, but sometimes can be difficult to keep looking nice. I will add them on request.

The slideshow highlights many Cuties that I've created. Most of them are custom orders; some are ones that I kept for myself! Some I've personally used for quick trips to the store and have sold "on the spot" to another shopper! While each one is unique (except the Convertible purse), the slides will give you a visual of the basic construction of a completed purse. Any questions, click the "Contact Me" tab to send me a note.

Typically, I make Cutie Patootie Originals by taking orders only. However, I will occasionally have 'ready-made' ones available for sale at local events. Pricing ranges from $35 - $50, plus sales tax (required for FL residents/mailing addresses only), shipping and handling.

I will be glad to give you more details on pricing and ordering, just contact me with your questions. Once I create a Cutie for you, I will send pictures and measurements. I have a "No obligations" policy; if you don't like the Cutie, you are not obligated to purchase it. (The exception being a purse that has a name or monogram embroidered.)


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