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Samples of ID tags-Approx. 6" long

This page details the steps for placing an order for custom ID tags as shown in the photo. Pricing and product details are available on my ETSY site. 

Click on ETSY banner above if you want to view my shop; the banner is a direct link for you.


First and foremost: Feel free to contact me with questions/concerns at any point. I strive to respond within 24 hours. There is a CONTACT ME tab on this site, as well as on ETSY. Either way is fine; I check both sites daily.

STEP 1: Read through everything here. The directions are easy, but need to be detailed so I understand exactly what you want embroidered. It will also help you to understand what to expect from me.

Then, go to my ETSY shop and find my listing for ID tags. Read the entire listing for important details on product. (Click on the ETSY banners at the top or bottom of this page; they are a direct link to my ETSY shop. )

STEP 2: On the ID tag listing, click on the Drop Down menu for Webbing Color. This shows the colors of webbing I normally stock. Write a list of colors you like. BE SPECIFIC. Several colors have variations; for example there is Royal Blue, Navy Blue, etc.

STEP 3: Once you write down your list of webbing colors, add names, and quantity of each, to the list next to the color of webbing.

Also write down your choice of thread color. I stock about 200 colors/shades of thread, so I PROBABLY have the color you need.

NOTE: If you are requesting initials, let me know if you want them separated with periods.

Type them out the way you want me to stitch them. For example: CTS or C. T. S. The more detailed information I have, the better the results.

STEP 4: On the ETSY listing, click on the "ASK A QUESTION" button. This will open a dialog box where you can contact me directly. Following the above directions, write a note to me for your order.

The example below shows how the custom order (pictured) was sent to me. Quantities are in parenthesis. This clearly shows what the customer is looking for and avoids misunderstandings.

(1) Marley-Yellow webbing/Navy Blue thread

(1) Kid-Olive Green webbing/Tan thread

(2) Jojo-Red webbing/Navy Blue Thread

By default, I use all capital letters as shown here. For best results, limit the lettering to a maximum of 7 letters. If you prefer upper and lower case style, note that in your message to me.

STEP 5: Watch for my response to your request.

Once I receive your list on ETSY, I will review it and let you 

know if I have any concerns. Perhaps a name is too long to stitch out on my machine, or I might be low on a color of webbing you select. I will respond as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. I will work with you to resolve any concerns that might arise before I begin your order, and I will let you know of any potential delays. I create everything in my shop, and at times I get several large orders at once, causing delays.

STEP 6: At this point, you just get to wait for me as I process your order. I will keep you updated on its progress, and I will notify you when your order is complete.

STEP 7: ASK QUESTIONS!! When I complete your order, I will take photographs of each tag and send them to you through ETSY. Since I do not accept returns on custom tags, this serves as your opportunity to give me approval of your order, or not. 

I want you to BE PICKY; I will not be upset if I need to remake your order. I will remake tags that you are not happy with PRIOR to shipping. Check spelling; quantity; colors; etc. Keep in mind that colors do vary on monitor screens. Note: I do not charge for remakes, as long as they are in keeping with your original list.  

STEP 8: If the photographs meet your approval, I will post a custom invoice for you in ETSY. I will notify you when the invoice is posted, along with easy directions on how to locate it. Your ID tags will be pictured in your listing.

STEP 9: Your payment serves as final approval. When I receive payment, I will package your order and ship it to you, via USPS. I use the most economical way to ship, and the postage is reflected on your invoice. For orders of 4 or more, I will use Priority mail, that includes some insurance and tracking information at no additional cost. I will provide the tracking information to you as soon as it is available to me.


ADD ONs: At any time prior to payment, you can add ID Tags to your list. Often, I find that people overlooked a tag or two that they meant to order. NO PROBLEM!!

If that is the case, simple send me a list of the add-on tags, through ETSY. Depending on the number of ID tags, postage could be affected. (I can fit approximately 50 tags into a small Priority mail box.) 

I will adjust your invoice to show the cost of your add-on tags, and postage if it is affected. I will also take photos for you to approve, etc. Add-ons usually affect the delivery date by several days. I will notify you if I expect a longer delay. (That happens if I receive a large bulk order-I can only sew so fast. )

COLORS: Select contrasting thread/webbing combos. For example, a navy blue thread won't be visible on black webbing. Also, some colors of webbing will affect the appearance of thread color. In the photo above, the same navy blue thread was used for the Marley tag and the two Jojo tags...but because of the color of webbing, it doesn't appear to be the same color.

Please ask questions at any time. I want you to be 100% satisfied with your order!

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