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Calling all princesses, Halloween fans, Divas,

and folks that LOVE to dress up-whatever the occasion!

Sugar Plum Fairy tutu

PLEASE NOTE: These tutus are all custom made. Notify me of size (both waist measurement and length; and colors preferred; and I will provide pricing. Refer to the Custom Products tab for the custom ordering process.

The ones pictured here are samples to show construction, and to offer ideas on color combos. Samples are available for sale also.

Construction: Slightly different from the Teddy Bear Tutus, regular tutus are made using a generous waistband of ribbon, for several reasons. A ribbon waistband allows the tutu to be removed easily-no need to be stepping out of one with an elastic waistband (think potty breaks). Also, the ribbon "grows" with the wearer. I "scrunch" the sections of netting/tulle tightly together. As a child grows, simply spread them further apart on the ribbon. The tutu won't be quite as 'full', but it will still look great. Many children won't even notice the difference...and if they do, they will still be more accepting of that look than to be without their treasured tutu! Bonus: Once tied, the long ribbon adds an extra "pretty" since it too is color-coordinated with the fabric. (The wasitband ribbon is shown on the left side of pic, but it can be worn to the front, back, etc.)

Since ribbon waistbands are used, these are not as pouffy as the Teddy Bear tutus...the ribbon only allows one layer of the netting/tulle to be used. However, I will alternate colors of choice to match a Teddy Bear tutu as best as I can. When ordered as a set, I will also put matching ribbons on the Teddy Bear tutu at no additional cost. Ribbons are not usually added to the Teddy Bear tutus, but I want the set (one Teddy Bear/one "human" tutu) to match as closely as possible.

Red, White & Sparkly Blue tutu

Shown with specialty (blue) fabric

Color choices: Unlimited. Since the construction is a bit different than the Teddy Bear tutus, color choices are unlimited. You can have all one color, or you can have every color of the rainbow. One I am working on is called Jelly Beans-because it has almost all the colors of jelly beans...the only limitation is the colors of fabric available. And if I don't have a particular color, I will do my best to stock it for you. This is a new adventure for my shop, and I just picked what colors I felt would be top sellers-but I am open to suggestions here!

Ribbons: Since these tutus are typically longer than the Teddy Bear tutus, I add 4 ribbons at no extra cost. The effect is much better with the added length. The ribbons are doubled as shown in the Sugar Plum Fairy tutu. The back section is hard to see, but there are 8 ends of ribbon. (The exception would be if specialty tulle/netting is used-as shown in the Red, White, and Sparkly Blue tutu.)

Length/Waistband/"ADD ONS": I will make the tutus any length; and the waistband will be available in several 'standard' sizes that will fit everyone. I can add other embellishments, if requested, such as silk flowers. The pricing will reflect the added cost of requested "add on" supplies.

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