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"" Mobile Sewing Unit

Now accepting appointments

for businesses in Zephyrhills, FL and surrounding areas.

For questions or for scheduling an initial FREE consult/sewing 

time,please call 863-430-4225 after 2:00 pm.

I RECOMMEND: Schedule early-my allotted time for on-site sewing fills quickly.

Days available: Mondays and Fridays

OFFERINGS: On-site mending and repairs that include buttons and other fasteners replaced; seams adjusted or stitched as needed. Items can include curtains, tablecloths, (medical) gowns, uniforms, scrubs, bed linens, and various decorating items such as pillows.

As an independent contractor, I will actually "set up shop" at your place of business. For a basic hourly rate, I provide sewing equipment that typically includes two sewing machines; a serger; black, white, and tan thread choices; an iron; various sewing accessories; basic office supplies; and my extensive sewing knowledge. (If buttons and/or supplies are needed for mending, I will charge a reasonable fee based on my costs for the items requested.)

You provide a suitable indoor location in a well-lit, non-smoking area; a sturdy, large, smooth table (a 6' banquet style is perfect) and chair; electricity; wastecan; and projects for me to work on. I can provide a table for a small rental fee.

I offer one FREE hour of initial consulting work for you to "show and tell" me your sewing needs. I will set up an appointment at your place of business. At that time, we can discuss how to work together and maximize my time in your facility. I should also be introduced to key contact people I need to work with and be informed of any protocol that I need to follow (ie: Visitor Pass, paperwork on hand,etc.). I have my business license for Pasco County as well as Zephyrhills. I also collect appropriate Sales Tax for Florida and the counties where I do business.

I can be hired by the hour as frequently as your needs demand and budget allows. If you have a seamstress on staff already, I can compliment the work, either as a substitute during a vacation/sick leave or as an 'extra hand' when the sewing becomes overwhelming for your staff. 

PRICING*:      Zephyrhills & 10 mile radius

                                         $12 an hour for basic on-site work

                                         One hour minimum; 15 minute increments beyond first hour.

                          Beyond 10 mile radius of zip code 33542

                                         $12 an hour for basic on-site work

                                         $12 an hour travel-both to and from location

                                         Time based on AVERAGE Mapquest quotes.

*Curbside Variable: I allow myself 15 minutes to set up and 15 minutes to tear down my equipment. This includes hauling my machines and accessories to/from the parking lot. Please consider the convenience of your parking lot to my designated work area. My time is valuable to you as well as to me. Beyond approximately 30 minutes (total) for unloading/loading, I will apply a portion of the contracted time to any excessive distance between curbside and the work room.

One interesting option I offer is to provide time for you and your employees to visit me at the end of my contracted time at your facility. Employees can bring personal items in for me to take off-site for BASIC repairs. I provide a claim ticket and pricing at the time of drop off; and will return in a week or two with finished work. Payment is due at time of return and employees would be responsible for their payments of their own repairs. The Return time would be pre-determined by you. This is a wonderful opportunity for your employees that may need access to a professional seamstress. You can either pay my hourly rate for this service, or earn free time through my LOYALTY program.

LOYALTY PROGRAM: For every 10 hours I am hired to work in your facility, earn 1 hour of my time FREE. This time can be used for additional consulting time with me, on-site sewing time, or to share with your employees as outlined above. Earned LOYALTY hours have no monetary value and cannot be applied towards travel time rates or supplies that are not included in my basic $12 fee.

If you are interested, please contact me using the "CONTACT ME" tab/form. Be sure to include your business mailing address, contact person, and complete phone number. I will gladly mail a brochure to you, and will only use your mailing information for that purpose. The brochure outlines several options that I offer, and you are welcome to contact me for further explanations, etc. I am not a telemarketer-I will only call you if you request it. You will find that I strive to give you the best work possible, while being fair and honest with everyone that employs me.

Thank you for your consideration and I will look forward to hearing from you.

NOTE: There are several types of projects that I do not accept during my contracted SEW on the GO time for a variety of reasons. Personal clothing-alterations/mending/tailoring/embroidery (available off-site and priced per piece); heavy duty, upholstery or non-cloth fabrics (i.e. leathers, plastics); and formal wear. I offer embroidery off-site and priced per piece. Not sure, please ask.

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