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This section is all about ideas that I have, quite literally, on the cutting board. On the occasion that I am not working on orders, I have a list of products that I am working on. Some items quickly make it through my 'thought process' and are included in my ever-growing offerings to you. Some I might lose interest in, for whatever reason, and delegate them to the 'back burner.'

Even though these items aren't readily available yet, if something catches your attention, please let me know. I will work on a price for you and gladly give more details.

Quick Reference List-in order of appearance

Dammit Dolls

Number Pillows

Pet Bandanas

Shortie Neck Coolers

Non-Embroidered Items

Dammit Dolls: An unusual cloth doll that is designed to take abuse when you are stressing out. Comical, yet useful..and much cheaper than a therapist!

Number Pillows: A GREAT, unique gift idea for any special occasion. A square or rectangular pillow is designed with numbers appliqued onto it-how COOL is that!

Suggestions: House street numbers; 16 (for a sweet teenage girl); 50 (the 'new' 20); 1 (for any 'first'); a sport number; Anniversary milestones (like 25/50). In other words, any number that is memorable to you, I can turn into a pillow! Fabric and fonts can be totally customized! SUGGESTION: Maximum of 5 numbers per pillow. Numbers are designed using appliques-complimentary or contrasting fabric cut into numbers; then sewn on using a satin stitch for a finished edge.

Pet Bandannas: These will be a basic triangular-shaped bandanna that is reversible. It's like getting 2 bandannas for the price of one! I will have several ready-made for immediate shipping. For an extra cost, I will customize your fabric choices and can embroider your pet's name or favorite saying, but expect a delay-depending on existing orders. Bandannas DO NOT contain cooling crystals. All fabric used is 100% cotton fabric.

Shorty Neck Coolers-Because of all my projects, these have temporarily been put on hold. Upon request, I will make tan Shorty Neck Coolers.

Shorty Coolers are just as their name implies; they are shorter in length than the Premium Coolers, about 37" - 38" long. Average width is about 1 1/2" wide, some might be a little wider. Since they are shorter, I can cut more ties per yard of fabric; therefore, they are less expensive to make...and I pass that savings on to you.

Although the Premium Coolers aren't bulky, Shorty Coolers are less conspicuous...perfect to wear under a polo shirt while golfing or under a chef's jacket while broiling in the kitchen! Also great for teens or a petite adult that may not need the extra length. They will even work on your pet pooch-if the neck size is correct!

Made with 100% cotton fabric and the same crystals as the Premium Coolers, you will still get the great cooling is just scaled down a bit; but still big enough to do the job. The 4 cooling compartments are 3" long, for a total area of 12" long.

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