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All products listed here are kept in stock and are ready to ship, normally within 3 days. Be sure to add postal delivery time frames.

Be sure to also check out the "CUSTOM PRODUCTS" tab for items that are also available for sale! Most of my items are custom made.

NOTE: Click on photos for a larger view.

Task-It Basket

Clever, reversible, and pretty-this basket is up to the task. Great for lightweight uses including napkin holder, organizer for small items, hostess gift (filled with candies), holiday decor, the list goes on. When not in use, untie the satin ribbons and it stores flat! Available without lace also. Just let me know! Approx. size: 7" x 7" x 2" high, without lace. *Price is for one Task It Basket; two are shown here. Napkins are not included. (This product does not contain cooling crystals.)

Price: $8.00


Convenient way to keep hand sanitizer handy and ready to use! 100% cotton fabric-white with small pastel alphabet letters; interfacing is sewn inside layers of cotton fabric to give it stability-fabric isn't "floppy". Opening for gel cap is reinforced. Price includes 1 holster and 1 metal split ring-see photo below for split ring color choices. Hand sanitizer not included. (This product does not contain cooling crystals.)

Price: $5.00


(Holsters do NOT contain cooling crystals)

The most convenient hand sanitizer holder you will ever find, at a great price!

SNAP IT OPEN, use your sanitizer, SNAP IT easy, it's a SNAP!

SNAP IT HOLSTER comes with a 1" colorful, metal split ring. This type of ring allows you to easily use it in a variety of ways. Own several purses, no problem, simply unhook the ring from one purse and snap it onto another purse...or diaper bag, luggage, belt loop, etc. I choose the type of split rings that have interlocking ends. Once closed, they are very secure.

The design of the holster allows immediate access of the gel through the flip top cap, that is held upside need to even remove the bottle from the holster in order to use the hand sanitizer! How cool is that! I designed several proto-types and scrapped them until I came up with this design. I consider it to be a very well-made product that has several great features: Reinforced cap opening; split ring (easy to relocate holster); and the narrow strap is firmly attached-so it won't come loose. Practical, attractive, AND durable!

To use: Scroll down to Steps 1 - 3 at bottom of this page.

NOTE: The SNAP IT HOLSTER is only sold in one size and is designed specifically for the 2 oz size of sanitizer shown here. I tried the larger sized bottles of gel, but found them just a bit large to attach to purses. I do not include the sanitizer for shipping reasons; plus by purchasing the sanitizer yourself, it guarantees a fresh, sealed product. Typically, the hand sanitizer is sold in a twin pack at Dollar Tree . Please check for availability in your area before ordering the SNAP IT HOLSTER.

This can also be used for sunscreen-provided you find the right sized container. In order for the holster to be effective, it is designed to snugly fit one specific size of bottle.

Double-click on images to enlarge.     Some of the images are a bit dark-Fabric is white with light pastel alphabet letters.

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