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Unique, Embroidered Earrings

This page is being redesigned (by your truly). Please be patient as I am trying to get more photos of my lovely earrings onto this page AND organizing them!

All earrings are made by me, and are extremely lightweight, as they use nothing but thread for the embroidered design. You'll forget you are wearing them!

Order (click link) through ETSY: 

If you don't see your choice of earrings listed in my ETSY shop, please let me know. Sometimes I sell out, and don't get a chance to relist them immediately. All earrings shown here are available, plus many more!

Spring/Summer collection

(If the slide show does not work, try a different browser.)

All the earrings I create use a method called 

"Free Standing Lace" which simply fascinates me!  

The Free Standing Lace method creates intricate detailing afforded by the patterns that are created literally one stitch of thread at a time!

Free Standing Lace (or FSL) is made without the use of any fabric under the embroidery, and does not necessarily look like lace. Instead of fabric as a backing, a dissolvable stabilizer is hooped, then a design is sewn directly onto the stabilizer.

(TIDBIT: Scroll down further for photos of earring on a hoop!)

Once the design is finished, the earrings are removed from the hoop, and extra stabilizer is trimmed away from the design. Then, the earrings are briefly put into water to dissolve the remaining visible stabilizer. It melts away like cotton candy!

The finished result are earrings that are delicate, and are pretty on both the front as well as the backside. REALLY great for short haircuts!

The earrings can be detached (with pliers and minimal effort) and can used with gift tags, as scrapbook embellishments, and as wine charms. Due to their delicate nature, I don't recommend them for zipper pulls or key ring charms, etc.  

Special thanks and credit to Sonia Showalter who is the artist/digitizer for all the Free Standing Lace earring designs that I use. She comes up with fabulous ideas, then is able to digitize her ideas so that embroidery machines understand how to stitch the design automatically. It's an amazing process, and Sonia has MANY beautiful ideas, including regular embroidery too. Keep checking my website as I will continue to add her designs to my growing collection of offerings to you.

More earrings, including palm trees, baseballs, and flamingos are listed on Etsy! Be sure to check them out!

Nine pairs of flip flop earring still in the hoop on dissolve-able stabilizer. 

The bottom hoop (hidden by the stabilizer) is connected to the hardware shown on the left of the photo. That hardware snaps into a carriage that controls the hoop movement-moving the entire hoop to make the embroidered design.

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